Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger.

The most common physical reactions include:
• Rapid heart rate
• Increased blood pressure
• Tightening of muscles
• Sharpened or redirected senses
• Dilation of the pupils (to let in more light)
• Increased sweating

Fear can be widely classified into two types:
1. External fear: caused by something out of you which you are strongly motivated to avoid,
2. Internal fear: something outside of you that you link a negative emotion

How can we connect the fear with solidarity, respect, willingness and confidence?

Our theory is simply based on the fear of the unknown. We fear all that we do not know and we cannot handle. In major conurbations, people are experiencing a time of great uncertainty; the communication is confusing, opaque and not at all clear. People do not know if what they are experiencing is real or not, and therefore they take refuge in their households or in their closer friendships. This is the only certitude since the community has became fluid and unreliable. Moreover, there is a great opportunity given by the the technology which allows us to be who we want, to go where we want and to watch the program we prefer. We send e-mails and chat on line with strangers who later become friends. Moreover, we can flirt on-line, we can live a whole other identity in cyberspace. We can download programs, or upload porn movies made with our partners. We can enlarge the group of our virtual friends but the larger the group is, the more ‘ diluted’ it all becomes and finally we loose control.

The modern fear…is a nagging confusion which indicates that our life is out of control. The confusion that what is virtual is real and what is real is virtual. Then our fear becomes anger, anger for the work that we do not have, for the injustice we suffer and for the money that we lack. Because how we live, our experience, is not the same as the models that technology continues to show. In this situation, even a small sign can make us become more aggressive. Frustrated, we attack verbally or with gestures, convinced to have more control over what we do not understand, and therefore preserve our identity. What to do? The fact that we have consciousness is already a great start and will be subject to other posts.