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Le considerazioni di alcuni membri della giuria

Peter Conrad, Japan

Carlo Sanpietro, USA

Michele Jannuzzi, UK

Andrea Muheim, Switzerland

Lena Soh, Singapore

My view is that the entries were of a high level and thus it was difficult to choose the finalists.

Overall, the stronger entries were those that could be understood in a global context, transcend language and culture barriers. Visuals must be strong enough so that whether it’s a European or an Asian looking at it, they get the message of Kindness. So simple language was a big plus.

Visuals are also important in messaging and I applied the ‘second look’ principle. This means that if I received the communication -would I press ‘delete’ or have a second look? To do that, the visual had to pique my curiosity.

I also considered that the people who would pick up the Kindness message would range from youth to adults and thus entries that could do that scored better.

There was a lot of effort put into video entries and timing of these would be critical. The thing that mattered to me was that attention span on mobile devices would not be longer than 30secs so what I was looking for was that the Kindness message was clear on the onset and made within 30sec. I congratulate you on getting people to think about Kindness. The effort in itself would make the world a better place. Cheers, Lena